Description of anemone

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[ 1. General Description ]
 anemone is a story about a girl who strays into a world of wonder. She goes deeper into her internal world-- her heart-- and, in the end, retrieves an important thing that she lost.

 I created this animation to express my idea of the hope for life for Japanese people who think they don't have a future. In Japan, the total number of suicides annually has been over 30 thousand for 10 years, which is almost ten times more than the number of U.S. soldiers killed in the Iraq War.

 I believe that everyone used to have dreams and used to live with hope in their childhoods. However, it seems to me that people forget or lose their dreams and hopes as they grow up and tend to stick to the same routines.

 Even though I do not have the power to solve the principle problems that Japan has, I hope that I can give dreams, hopes, and courage to people so that they can conquer all before them in their lives. That is why I created this animation.

[ 2. Story Concept ]
 “Rediscovering Oneself” is a key phrase in anemone. I named the heroine “Ai,” which is a common Japanese girl name and pronounced the same as the English word “I” because I want the audience to be the character.

 Every “I” in the world is trapped in a difficult situation and trying to end the present moment by choosing death. Imagining such a character’s emotion, I wonder if Ai must see the present and future, based on her sad memories in the past. Therefore, I conclude that if she was not satisfied with her present state, changing her perspective of the past would lead her to have hope for the future. anemone was created based on this concept.

[ 3. Visual Design and Production ]
 The view of the world in anemone visualizes and symbolizes Ai’s internal world, which is extremely unstable for some reason. For instance, I created the image of nerve cells in brain that looks like a stone throughout the whole animation. Also, tangled iron and wire symbolize the ball and chain of life, as well as the curse that a princess is under by an evil character in a fairy tale.

 In addition, because I set Ai up as a high-school girl, I placed partially destroyed motifs of things that a high school student might see on the way to school everywhere in the animation. In order to emphasize the instability, I tried to build up the world that has a different dimension from the reality, like a dream, by making objects unusually distorted or compressed.

 It took me two months to create all the images needed and 3D point-of-view scenes, both of which I struggled with more than anything else. As for characters, I went through the trouble to make it look like they were painted in watercolors. The hours spent creating all of images equaled about 2,935 hours. Of course, it would be much more if I added the work hours of other people who helped me with things like dreaming up ideas.

 I hope anemone will bring hope to people.

Junichi Yamamoto
[ Translator:Miwako Kamado ]





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